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Service & Return

Setting up your new device

After first start, you will normally get a SMS from your provider that let your device be configured for Internet, MMS and SMS. If you do not get any SMS, please use your favorite search engine and lookup for the keywords "***yourProvider*** apn mms" to configure it manually.

Normally danish language is available on all devices. Sometimes you cannot see danish language, although it is installed. To see hidden languages just go to Google Play Store and search for an App like "set locale". After installing you are able to choose danish language.

Service & Warranty

If your Apple device is defective, please contact Apple and make a warranty request by following this link:

In the case you have issues with your non-EU/HK/UK dual sim device, please contact us and write us an e-mail.

In all other cases, please follow this link to let your device rapaired by an authorized service provider within the given manufacturer warranty period:


Please follow this link to get your label to return your ordered product. Be aware that we need to take 15€ for normal returns. If you return, because product did not match description, returns are free for sure. If you like to return a defective product, please contact us and write us an e-mail.